“Judge Lamas is a highly accomplished legal professional who is doing great work serving the citizens of Hennepin County.”

– Governor Mark Dayton

Juror comments:

“The judge impressed me a great deal.  Her manner was professional, respectful, and appropriately serious, yet she also conveyed a warmth that put the jury at ease.”

“Appreciated the integrity in which Judge Lamas operated her court room.”

“She remained very fair and attentive to both sides.”

“The judge did a good job. Kept both sides, with those objections from the lawyers fairly thought about with the judge’s answers.  Judge did a good job of impartiality. Very well done.”

“Judge Lamas was fair and impartial.”

“Made me feel comfortable, and was attentive to our needs.”

“Judge Lamas was poised and fair.”

“Thank you Judge Lamas for giving the jurors feedback at the end of the case.  It was very helpful.”

“She was very fair.”

“She was helpful.”

Consistently rated “excellent” when comes to attentiveness, competence, demeanor, fairness, and patience.

When jurors asked if appeared to favor one side over the other, consistent answers of “no,” “not at all,” “in no way.”

“Very fair, clear and unbiased.”

“She remained unbiased.”

“The Judge was very attentive during the entire case.  She exercised very good judgment during the case proceedings.”

“Very clear instructions.”

“She was fantastic!”

“Made me, as a juror, relaxed, not as nervous/anxious.”

“Congenial and professional.”

“I appreciated her attentiveness and what seemed to be a mild-mannered demeanor, yet very competent.”

“I appreciate the way Judge Lamas apologized for the wait time that we the juror’s experienced upon being excused a few times due to things we weren’t supposed to be involved in.”

“I was very nervous being involved in a court case, but the surroundings and the atmosphere of the courtroom, meaning the Judge, prosecutor, and defense conducting themselves in a professional and not intimidating matter, I felt comfortable.”

“Judge Lamas was wonderful.”

“I thought the judge was fair, impartial, and very professional.”

“Judge Lamas was fair and explained the law and our role both in legal terms and layman terms.”

“Was very pleasant, professional.  Found time to meet with the jury after the verdict.”

“She was very fair, relaxed, and laid-back, which I personally can appreciate, shows she is actually human.”